PvE Gear Calculator

The main aim of this site is to provide an easy way to test out different equipments and see how it affect the attributes of your characters. A secondary aim is to facilitate build discussions by allowing players to weight the damage vs. survivability tradeoff of different builds.

If you find any bugs or would like to suggest a feature, please email me.

In descending order of importance, the current development plan for this site is (no eta)

  • Fix bugs, fix various display issues, clean up code and add in missing equipment, if any. Finish up the Calculator FAQ.
  • Better UI implementation.
  • Implement a tab for popular builds
  • Implement manual attribute input
  • Add in weapon skills, utility skills, and uptime calculation for boons and conditions
  • HPS (healing per second) calculations
  • Add in the theorycraft articles
  • DPS calculation for all professions (I have already figured out the calculation for Guardian , as well as partial progress on Warrior and Thief )
  • Party builder

The change log has been moved to the calculator page.


I'm gauging the interest of a GW2 PvX site. Please visit the PvX page for details.

Site Update

I just did some simple extrapolation and estimation with the site's bandwidth usage. Taking into account future updates which will further increase the bandwidth requirements, I find out that unfortunately even with a conservative estimate, it's highly likely that I'll exceed the bandwidth allocated by my web host next month. I'll likely switch to a higher tier hosting plan next month and in the mean time, if you find the site sluggish and unresponsive, please send me an email.